Petter M type 1/2HP 1938 water cooled

Hi all Petter M type men, My friend Dave has had the magneto overhauled and rewound,But it will not start with the handle. It will only start-up with a belt driving it from another engine. Can anyone suggest where the problem could be in starting,also the condenser was renewed. Thankyou, Pete in UK.

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Three initial questions: Does the magneto produce a good spark? Is the plug known to be good (ie it will run other engines)? and is the atomiser end set 1/16" from the piston and are all its small holes clear? regards

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Roland and Celia Craven

Regardless of the age and beauty of the spark plug, my very first action on any recalcitrant two stroke would be to fit a NEW one! Not a better one, not a clean one, but a NEW one!

You might also try running it in the dark and looking for tell-tale spark tracking along the plug lead, cap and pick up brush holder.

That done, my next stop would be poor primary or secondary compression.

I take it that he had the magneto rebuilt because of this problem and is exasperated because doing so has not improved the starting?


Kim Siddorn,

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J K Siddorn

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