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After a little discussion, they rapidly came to the
> unanimous decision that if you smoked, drank booze & ate a lot of
> chocolate you wouldn't get worms.
Reminded me of a cafe not too far from here that also sells bait (major
hunting and fishing territory in these parts) - "eat here and get worms"
in big letters on the side of the building...
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Jules Richardson
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Which in turn reminded me of a sign reading "eat here and get gas" one of the random images on the insert in an album by 48 Chairs! Oh boy, connections can be weird sometimes.
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I used to pass Darlington's new stadium on my way to Middlesbrough and they had a huge banner hung on the side of the building which boldly stated "Watch Live Football Here!!!!" Another classic was the sign in the window of a Ladies Hairdresser's "Ears pierced while -u -wait"" Wonder what the alternative was??
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Charles Hamilton

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