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I know that there are a lot of electronics geeks reading RMR, so this is a question to them. I need to reattach my rear window defroster wire to the heating element in the window. While it looks like it was originally a soldered connection, I'm afraid that if I use solder, I'll melt the film that's in between the safety glass panels. So, is there such a thing as a conductive glue/adhesive that can be used on electrical connections?


Mark Simpson NAR 71503 Level II God Bless our peacekeepers

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Mark Simpson
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This is a guess, Mark, but....

What if you use that really great "rearview mirror glue" to physically hold the wire end to the window and then use the defroster grid repair kit to make the connection just like making a repair somewhere else on the grid? Be carefull with the first glue to prevent contaminating the wire end where you have to make the joint.

That's just a wild idea. I have used the grid repair kits before, but never had to connect the supply wire.

-- Eric Benner TRA # 8975 L2 NAR # 79398

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Eric Benner

I think Radio shack used to have a liquid solder. I dunno if it was/is worth a darn.

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mark: how about a conductive copper tape with adhesive? would that work? www,mcmaster.com shockie B)

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There are conductive epoxies. High silver I believe. Don't know if they are conductive enough for that application, though. Nor do I know where to send you to find the item.

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I do, but in email only.

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Jerry Irvine

the answer is to tin the wire well, use a hot soldering iron, and heat the joint for a minimum ammount of time.

wait, rear window? film inside glass? I was sure they only do that for the front winshield. regardless, tha above advice stands.

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tater schuld


An auto glass store would probably be able to fix you up pretty cheap. At the right shop a six pack should just about cover it.

Regards, Michael Newton

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Michael Newton

Jerry Irvine wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@corp.supernews.com:

Why be so secretive when googling "conductive epoxy" turns up a long list of suppliers:

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Leonard Fehskens

The film is between the panes of glass. The heating wire is on the inside of the inner pane. I do like your suggestion, though. I tried it on a piece of wire using a fine silver solder and didn't even melt the nearby wire insulation. I think that it'll be OK for my needs. Thanks to those that replied for all of the suggestions. Mark Simpson NAR 71503 Level II God Bless our peacekeepers

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Mark Simpson

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