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Good evening all, I have to send $35 to the USA for a item of tooling, the recipient doesn't except PayPal but requests a International Money Order, how do you go about sending one of these plus costs as all the items I have bought previously have been through PayPal. Many thanks, Ben

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Ask your bank or post office.

If the recipient is willing to give you destination bank details, you can get your bank to make a direct payment into their bank account. I regularly send and receive foreign currency amounts by that method. None of these methods are nearly as cheap or convenient as using Paypal though - one or other of you will need to pick up the admin cost of making the transfer (or getting the money order made out), which will be a significant chunk of your $35.

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

International money orders do not exist in Europe, you will need to find another way of paying. Last item I ordered some ignition parts for a model engine I was lucky in having a relatio who has a dollar bank account for their business and got a cheque from them.


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Try your Bank and ask for International Cheque Payments.... they should be able to supply you with a cheque drawn upon a bank in the recipients country.... I presume all Banks have this service... the Halifax-BoS does ... and I presume they do this for USA ... I've had them for Germany in Euros and Canada in Canookian-dollars - so I;m presuming that they do it for all major currencies/countries. It aint cheap though and IIRC it takes about 10 days to process, ... I seem to recall that the german one cost about =A317.50 last year. (So much that it has made me double check that all sellers accept Paypal now. Paypal ... no purchase!)

Good luck


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For Small amounts (such as this) I have in the past sent $ bills in a double envelope by airmail. cost is not to much, and just bills feels like a letter to the postie. cheaper than an international bank transfer. If the seller will take a credit card then just ring them up and pay like you would over the phone on this side of the pond. hth Dave

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dave sanderson

Send cash $$'s by International Signed-For post (Registered Post) costs you £3.30 plus the cost of postage. Get the forms from the Post Office, they are purple and white and work the same as Recorded Delivery or Special delivery.

It's fully insured as well, we just sent a load of euros that way to Spain.

Maximum insurable value is £600 BTW...

We always send in a small padded jiffy bag.


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Rushden, UK

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Prepair Ltd

You can buy IMOs from American Express Bureau de Change outlets (or at least you could a couple of years ago when I last did that).

Auctionchex will send a money order on your behalf - you pay with paypal, they send an IMO or some sort of US money order. I haven't heard of any problems with them but I'm still waiting for an ebay item that I paid that way at Christmas so I don't yet know how well they work.


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Adrian Godwin

Send cash. Get it insured and signed for. It was much cheaper then any other way last time I had to do this

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Peter Harrison

Thanks again, Ben

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