....the final frontier..
No, not that sort of space! the sort that you never have enough of and which
always fills up no matter how much you have.
Despite clearing out a load of stuff recently, we are having to look at renting
some extra storage for a while to allow space to rearrange things in the
workshop and engine tent.
To reorganise the workshop we need a space, but it is so bl**dy full of engines
and machinery we can't move anything anywhere else, there just ainit any space!
Engine tent is slightly better, or was until we had the pallet load of tooling
arrive just before we went off to Portland, that took up a 5'X 5' area that was
our last remaining floor space.
Ongoing discussions with our friendly farmer up the road has produced an
invitation to call in tomorrow and see what can be arranged :-)) He already has
a load of stuff on pallets destined for the USA, now he will have a lot more but
in a space that we can call our own for a monthly rental.
Peter & Rita Forbes
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