Testing, Testing, One Two Stroke

Having gained a new motor today, and having a few questions to ask
regarding same, I have posted some pictures for your perusal at:-
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Anyone guess its British maker? (Name is cast on flywheel, picture
not shown yet.)
The carb (P17) is not original fitment.
It needs another conrod.
The bore (P20) has no major scars. Not checked the dimensions yet.
Pity the ID plate is missing. The retaining screws are still there.
The number "17" is stamped on the top of the cylinder (Pic 8), and
again on the crankcase flange.(Top of P18)
The questions are about :
The ignition system and timing (9 & 10), is that part of it? If so,
what is missing?
Picture 24 shows the base of the exhaust box with an outlet into
the water system: Would I be right in thinking that some of the
exhaust gases are expelled through the exit pipe of the cooling system
to "atmosphere", not a tank, thus acting as a pulsating coolant pump
causing a partial vacuum in the system and drawing the water through
the jacket? The route being entry through the oblong aperture seen on
P3, up to the top of the jacket, out through top orifice P11, down
passage to exit at bottom of box P24. The system would be self
draining when the engine stops if the coolant water level were below
the engine. i.e. in a boat.
The plug hole thread is a reasonable fit for a 1/2" BSP fitting,
possibly tapered, would that be a Hessleman plug fitment?
Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
Dave Carter.
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Hi Dave, It reminds me vaguely of the Skandia Marine Engine I owned many years ago. Obviously not the same but similar layout. see
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the flywheel on a taper? It took me 3 months pulling to get mine off the taper!
Dave Croft Warrington
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Dave Croft
Hello Dave, Its not on a taper, parallel with gib head key, broken off flush to flywheel face. It will take a while to drill out and collapse.
Just aside, and apologies for answering one of my own questions, but I've just found 1/2" BSP threaded spark plugs listed at the bottom of Peter's Oldengine Champion plug reference chart.
Regards, Dave Carter.
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Is it a Feltham (marine) engine?
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Afraid not a Feltham.
The company's marine engines ranged from 2hp to 42hp, and this is the smallest. First appearance of their two stroke and other marine engines was at the Royal Show in 1911. They made marine engines up to the outbreak of WW1. Other engine production ceased in early 1930s.
Cryptic clue. Rattle their woodwork near the canaries's perch after dark and something will almost definately fly at you.
And for any readers of The Sun, an equally hard, yet picture clue, of their largest engine:-
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By early 2000, this little engine had made it as far Richmond, BC. Joe had been passing by a "junk" shop when something told him to have a look in. He saw it and bought it. Now Joe's interest is in the marine engines of the Easthope Bros., a small Vancouver based company that made engines for local fishing boats. After the company closed I believe Joe bought the company register and stock. He posted a question on "Smokstak" asking about this little engine in Jan 2000. Six years later with all pictures removed from the thread, I find the thread and try to contact him to ask for a photograph of it. I send an email every few months, but its not until early last year that contact established and Joe sends me a few photos. After a few emails and enquiring about bore, stroke and flywheel dimensions, Joe said, " Well you should really have this engine....." as his interests were more local. When I asked if he was selling it, he said, "No", but he would exchange it for a couple of usable pistons and con rods for a Gardner 2L2. I said I would look for some and if I found any we could sort out the exchange details later. I blitzed forums and vintage magazines with adverts. That was late last year. By the end of January, negotiating time, and getting ready to send. Having finally agreed terms, the parts went off in late March in a re- usable light-weight plywood crate from work which would be large enough to return the engine in a dismantled state. It was cheaper and easier to go through an on-line shipping agent than through a courier directly. None of the big names would deal directly with me for a one-off carriage. Surface shipping was found to be the same price as air, only months slower and not door to door. I organised the return of the box through a shipping agent and Mr. Fed-Ex picked the crate up at 12 noon Tuesday, from Joe, ( V6V 1M2 for those who "Google Earth" ), which was our 20.00 on Tuesday evening. I was told to expect delivery on Friday. Thursday, 10.35 am., they tried to deliver it to my home address, wife not in, card left. So I arranged for delivery following day at work. Arrived at last! Still, not bad, 5000 miles in 39 hours, or should that be eight months??
Regards, Dave Carter.
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