What happened to the Standish show ?

Please excuse the slightly-OT nature of this message, but this may well
be the best place to ask...
There was a "Great Gloucestershire Heritage Show" advertised at Warren's
Farm, Standish, Gloucestershire for this weekend; I saw it in "Tractor
and Machinery", others had found it on the 'net. I was one of a fairly
considerable number of people who turned up on Saturday or Sunday to
find absolutely nothing happening. Calling the number given in the
Events Listing just gave a 'number unobtainable' tone.
Does anyone here know what happened ?
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Bob Unitt
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They did run the event last year and Hazel and I went along to see the fun of the fair..
After an hour, I commented to Hazel that like those leaders who find it necessary to include in their country's title "Peoples Democratic Republic of ......" because they are none of those things, the Great Gloucester Heritage Show fell into the same category ;o))
Kim Siddorn
I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a free frontal lobotomy!
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J K Siddorn
Sorry about the late reply, for some reason I've only just received this...
In article , J K Siddorn writes
Thanks. When we asked some locals about the farmer running it, their reply was 'Oh yes, we could tell you a thing or two about *him*'...
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Bob Unitt

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