Xantho Engine Restoration

Today I visited (again) the Shipwreck Galleries (Museum) at Fremantle,
Western Australia and spent some time examining the Xantho steam engine
under restoration. SS Xantho sank off WA in 1872. This 7.5 tonne trunk
engine built in England was truly a "stationary" engine until recently.
It was first recovered in 1983 and the restoration has
been ongoing since that time, much of the time in treatment baths,
somewhat similar to the Mary Rose project, but including electrolytic
treatment with which we are familiar. From a solid lump of concretion
the engine was eventually made to rotate and all parts were fully
They have built a working model to show the action and construction of a
trunk engine.
Details of the engine and its restoration may be seen at:
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This site includes an animation of the action of the engine.
The museum has a world-wide reputation for this kind of restoration work.
Jack Watson
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Super stuff, Jack, amazing that the engine came out as complete as it did, and then they found some damage inside as well!
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Peter A Forbes

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