00 shunters

hey guys looking for advice on a small shunter for a industrial complex

diesel powered

needs to be ultra smooth running i've been out the hobby for a while and many moons ago was quite taken by the lima class 20's ideally looking for a clayton kit or even a 03/08 or anything that someone can suggest to me :)

open to thoughts

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The Bachmann 08 is almost certainly the smoothest-running shunter on the market - and not a bad model either. The only problem with it is that it needs the power collection wipers cleaning regularly due to a silly bit of design-however, if these are kept clean, it's a superb runner.

Alternatives would be a kit perhaps the Knightwing Sentinel kit with one of the two motor chassis available... Bachmann also do an 03/04, but I have no experience of those.


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"Rob" wrote

Bachmann have JUST released their class 20 which is a serious improvement in the running stakes when compared with the Lima version. That along with their now established class 08 should sort your problems.

Bachmann's 03/04 0-6-0 shunter is also a possibility, but these are older technology than the 08 & 20 and you need to see one run before buying. Good ones are excellent, others can be indifferent.


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John Turner

Either the 04 and 08 would be a good choice, as many examples of both have found their way into industrial service post-BR, with many retaining their BR liveries and/or numbers for a while. I can thoroughly recommend the Bachmann

08, having two in my fleet with more set to join them. :) Haven't got my hands on a Bachmann 20 yet, but no doubt a couple will go on my shopping list in the future.


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Rich Mackin

Or check out the 'HowTo' section on my website to see how to modify the pickups!


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