009 trackwork

Hi Guys
We have a very small section of a large OO layout that effectively
provides narrow gauge running. Probably about thirty feet of track and
about half a dozen sets of points in all, currently laid with the
'correct' sleeper spaced trackwork supplied by Peco. Has anyone any
suggestions for an alternative as we find by bitter experience that the
009 Peco track doesn't perform well at all in the long term [public
running 8 hours daily] and is extremely fragile in 'hard' electrical
rail connections at the frog?
I use all Fleischmann N-Gauge rail on the home layout so will readily
admit to a bit of bias and have no interest whatsoever in whinging about
the Peco product which is quite cheap and readily available. I also
don't really want to join the 009-Gauge or any other society :0)
Any helpful suggestions/pointers appreciated.
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"Roy" wrote
Just use N-scale track and ballast the sleepers out of sight.
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John Turner
To achieve reliabiliy in the electrical supply for that level of use you need to eliminate any reliance on rail joiners and built in frog switching. Connect feed wires to every individual piece of rail and fix the points as is nowadays described as DCC friendly, but is exactly the same as required for reliable DC operation and pre-dates DCC by many years. See for the details. Keith
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Keith Norgrove
I have heard that the Roco HOe track is good.
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