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I am looking for reference books on building a large 10 X 16 N scale layout using code 55 atlas track. Would like to incorporate an intermodal yard. Planning out the scenery on a layout is my biggest shortfall. I have built a 3 X 7 layout from the atlas level 2 track plan book N17, only the track never got to the scenery stage.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Dave

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Dave D
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I am just finishing up a plan for an 11.5'x6.5' "alcove" layout. The plans are on my website.

now, Dave, you have to ask yourself some questions...

  1. Do I want continuous running or point to point?

  1. Do I want around the wall with a penninsula or two, or do I want walk around?

  2. Do I want a "duck under" or "tip up" or "door" on the layout?

  1. How deep can I reach onto a layout (24"-30")?

After answering these, you will have a better idea. Do you go with a layout shaped like: a doughnut, a "C", an "M" (like mine), a square with a leg in the middle, a complete figure 8 or what?

Grab the Atlas RTS software, it is free and is a great starting point. Hope this helps.

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Hi Dave;

Suggestion from one who has been there... Think about starting small.

Unless you have built something of that size before, I would be leary of committing the time/money into the endeavour of starting from scratch at 10x16, which is a sizable layout.

While I may be there some day, I am working on a 36"x72" door for the moment to make sure that I would have the patience to complete an entire layout. If I complete it - THEN I get to plan larger. :-)

Good Luck in any case sdg

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