I am just starting to think about modelling in 009.
However there seems to be very few shops (on-line anyway) that sell stuff
here in the UK.
I am looking for two locos and some coach and wagon stock plus track.
British outline would be best but I am not that fussy.
Can anyone offer advice please?
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Mike in Sussex UK
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"Mike in Sussex UK" wrote
I may have two or three scratch-built steam outline models in my own collection which I may decide to sell. Email me off-group if you want more details.
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John Turner
"Mike in Sussex UK" wrote in message
Have you joined the 009 Society? Have a look at
formatting link
They have trade sales, and if nothing else their magazines will have ideas and sources. 009 isn't that well supported in the UK - I think it still suffers from the perception of "rabbit-warren" layouts, which is no longer true.
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Paul Boyd
Make friends in the hobby. Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.
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Keith Norgrove
If 009 isn't well supported in the UK, it won't be supported anywhere in the world, since it is effectively a British-only scale/gauge combination. Elsewhere in the world HOn30 is used instead in this size.
I don't know whether you will find much on-line, but there are links from the 009 Society site to suppliers like Nine Lines, Parkside Dundas, Worsley Works, Nigel Lawton, Chivers FineLines and Backwoods Miniatures. I am sure you will find what you want amongst that lot.
If you join the 009 Society, you then also have access to their extensive secondhand collection. Lots of stuff there - you might not even have to build up a kit if you get something pre-assembled.
John Dennis
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John Dennis

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