9F Double chimney

Can anyone point me to a supplier of a double chimney for 00 gauge 9F (late Hornby). Years ago I would have tried Crownline but I dont know if they are still around!

I would prefer brass but cast would be acceptable.

Many thanks

John East (Lincoln)

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John East
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It might be worth giving Dave Cleal of Mainly Trains (at Watchet) a call. Their telephone number is 01984 - 634543, and they have a Website at

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From my (limited) experience of dealing with them they have a good selection of lists and despatch items promptly.

Hope this is of use,

David Costigan

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David Costigan


I'm afraid that I can say, from recent personal experience, that you'll struggle.

Dave Cleal and all the other sources which I tried, including Bachmann, couldn't help.

The only source which I identified was DJH, but their policy is not to supply separate parts unless they're replacements for ones from one of their kits damaged during assembly.

I'd be pleased to be informed that I'm wrong, but that was my experience.

Sorry, John Isherwood.

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