A New Modelling Forum


I have just launched a new modelling forum and you are invited to take a closer look.

Unlike other forums this one is going to be different! One of the things we will be doing is to run three monthly competitions:

Model of the month Photo of the month Tip of the month

Ii is hoped that through these competitions you will have the chance to win over £500 (approx $900) worth of prizes every month.

To find out more just visit our site ate

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I look forward to seeing you in our forums.

Regards Ian

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Ian Sargent
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In message , Ian Sargent writes

Oh, no, not another one.

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John Sullivan

"Ian Sargent" wrote



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John Turner

In what way are you going to differ from all of the existing ones?

There is already too many forums, if you aren't going to do something they don't, why bother? I can however understand if you have a special intrest that the others doesnt cover, but I can't find anything they don't...

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I was wondering how to spend 12 quid on something totally unnecessary, that is available for free elsewhere. Now I have the answer!!!!!

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Rob K

It's different in that you have to PAY!!!

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D A Smith

Well, that's a first... Not sure if that was what I was looking for though, but it was a nice try ;-)

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Try looking at the site and you might realise why.

Do you want someone else to do all the work for you?

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D A Smith

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