Big well done to Gresley and Wynchmoor MRS

£3 for me and the tot entrance fee.
7-8 layouts.
no traders.
Home made cakes and buns - think so anyway.
Quite a few people happy to chat.
One of the best.
Big layout - always something moving. Same with O guage. Good rolling stock
all round.
but special thanks to tram operator for allowing tot to join in with
operating directions. Then extra special thanks to gentlemen with LGB. Who
not only tolerated his nibs 'assistance' but encouraged it for what must
have seemed like a very long time - nearly an hour !
Also the gentleman with the narrow guage layout. Who has shown that track
can merge with scenery on a local and major scale so that an oval on a door
looks like a real section of a railway in its true setting. they say it
shouldnt be cluttered and less is more but that layout is an exception to
the rule. Totally cluttered but doesnt seem it, just looks right.
Well worth a visit.
Entertainment value easily 100%.
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