Availability of Ratio MR coach kits?

Are the Ratio OO gauge MR coach kits, product codes 710-714, actually available to buy anywhere ?

Thanks, Martyn

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M Roberts
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Peco are the distributors and if you enter Ratio OO gauge MR coach kits into a search engine you will find a few dealers listing them

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I'm currently building a rake of the ratio MR Express Clerestory coaches which I bought from Frizinghall Models - they also advertise the MR Suburban kits, (and provide excellent customer service). The Clerestories make up into nice models - I have used Romford Jackson metal wheels rather than the plastic ones supplied - bought from Mainly Trains along with Comet metal vacuum pipes and metal buffers. Also found it much easier to paint (Railmatch spray cans), letter and weather the sides before cutting them off the sprue.

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Chris Moorhouse

"Trev" wrote

Peco actually own Ratio (and Wills).


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John Turner

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