Re: Mr. Surfacer Thinner Ratio

Also, will using the 500 or 1000 eliminate the ejection marks on

>Academy's Sea Knight without filling them in, or will I still need to >do that?

I've used the 1000 straight to fill small ejection marks, deep ones require putty. hth

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Don't thin it at all if you're applying it to small areas to fill pinholes, scratches, cracks, etc. This type of application would typically be done using a brush, toothpick, etc.

If you're applying it over a large area (probably as a primer), use the

1000 and thin it with lacquer thinner. Experienced modelers don't bother with thinning ratios, they just learn how it should look when thinned enough for their purpose; for airbrushing, the rule of thumb is "thin it to the consistency of milk", i.e. until the appearance of a drop running down the side of a jar is similar to that of milk.

The 500 can do that if they're not too deep. Apply a few drops with a brush or toothpick and let it dry. It'll shrink, so you may need to repeat a few times until it's completely filled. Then wet-sand it flush.

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