Can anyone advise me please?
I am planning to attend the exhibition at Parish Wharf on 25 October and
will arrive in Bristol Bus Station.
Can I get a taxi from the bus station? Any idea how much it would cost?
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Tony Furr
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Getting a taxi at the Bus Station, or just over the road outside, shouldn't be too difficult but having just looked up a map
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I think it will prove rather expensive. As you're at the Bus Station why not get a bus out to Portishead, use the timetable search at
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to look up Bristol - Portishead.
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Chris White
I'll echo Chris White's post. Portishead is a long long way from Bristol bus station. A taxi would cost you a fortune.
Where are you travelling to Bristol from? maybe there's somewhere closer to Portishead that you could travely to instead of the centre of Bristol?
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