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Hi All,

My copy of BRM's Right Track 3 Painting, Lining & Finishing came this morning, I ordered it after seeing a suggestion in this forum that it may be worth watching.

After having spent the last 3.5 hours watching it (should be up in the loft working on the layout), I have to say that it offers some good tricks and tips and the level of skill shown by Ian Rathbone (part 2) was surprisingly good, although he does tend to talk in a bit of a monotone and I was surprised I made it to the end.

Part one by Tony Wright was a bit more basic and aimed at the beginner like myself and will perhaps give me some confidence to try some of it out for myself.

The DVD quality of the footage was excellant and not at all like some of the previous DVDs I have purchased where they had obviously been copied from VHS with no remastering involved.

Would I recommend this DVD? Well if you are a beginner or intermediate modeller interested in painting, weathering or finishing your models you will probably find it very instructive and would want a copy to refer to, if on the other and you are already of a good standard you may want to watch it to see how the opposition perform but I would think all techniques covered would already be known to you.

Oh well, off to the loft for a few hours before I start my nightshifts.


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