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Nobody cares what you object to. Your notions of political correctness do not concern anyone but the small minority of Canadians who have nothing better to do with their time than fret about nomenclature that was put in place over 200 years ago and is not going to change.
Garbage. To "steal" means to illegally take something from the person or legal entity that actually owns it. Nobody ever owned the name "America", and your use of the word "steal" in this context unwittingly reveals your revisionist intent: I.E. to pretend that the U.S. took something that rightfully belonged to you in the first place and that they must therefore be the ogres in your fairy tale.
You're perfectly welcome to call yourselves anything you want to, and should the Canadian government suddenly announce that Montreal will hense-forth be spelled and pronounced "Whiffleball", we'll happily go along with the joke.
But that's not the same thing as pretending that you personally speak for all Canadians and acting as if everyone else should suddenly bow to your individual wishes. Last I heard, the government of Canada had not officially announced to the world's press that=A0they will no longer accept being part of the inclusive term "Americans". (And to put a little perspective on your claim, can you imagine the Chinese announcing that they are no longer "Asians"?)
Again you've confused Canada -the legal entity and government- with yourself. Look in the mirror. Are you three thousand miles wide, do you extend to the Arctic ocean in your northern extremities, the Pacific on your west, the Atlantic on your east, and border the U.S. on your south? No? Do you contain some 33 million people of widely varying ethnic and social backgrounds and political views to match? Not that either?
Do you happen to have any wheat fields, forests, lakes, cities, or rivers on your immediate person? Still no luck?
Then *you* aren't "Canada". (It's easy for most people to tell the difference.)
Funny how you -you the *individual*, that is- are so willing to decide what Americans should do in terms of political correctness, but quite properly resent it when we do the same to you in in return.
Goose, gander, sauce for.
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With the number of cross-posted groups and the off topic nature of the massage to at least two of these groups I don't even consider it spam anymore, it's out and out trolling, he has been asked to desist but hasn't taken the clue, perhaps he might eventually find a clue when both his fotopic and ISP accounts get nuked...
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Like that's something to brag about!!
-- Excuse me, I'll be right back. I have to log onto a server in Romania and verify all of my EBay, PayPal, bank and Social Security information before they suspend my accounts.
Working the rockie road of the G&PX
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Paul Newhouse
Feel free to try. I'm easy to find but I tend to shoot back.
Uh-huh. And definitions change as time goes by; the protestations of English teachers and idealogues notwithstanding.
If you think it's a crappy website, don't go there.
Intellectual midgets are those who waste their limited time in this life by being net-nannies and trying to control every aspect of their surroundings: a hopeless task.
As the old saw goes:
"Lord, give me the strength to change the things that I can, the grace to accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to tell the difference between the first two."
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Uh, no. He's (A) modelling a form of transportation, and (B) model railroaders come from all walks of life; including people involved with transportation. In fact, I know a number of *real* railroaders who play with trains in their spare time as well, and it's not unlikly there are a number of such guys in the UK as well.
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I'm still sitting on that 168 IQ you envy/hate so much, Steve.
But don't feel bad about yourself: *somebody* has to occupy the bottom end of every bell curve.
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Editor: (n.) A form of parasite that feeds from the blood of authors who knew what they meant to say in the first place. And did so.
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Simple fact - this has been posted in parallel to several lists only one of which I subscribe to. THEREFORE it is spam. Personally I would prefer to see newsgroups reject ANYTHING that has multiple to addresses. It is simply not acceptable. The CONTENT is irrelevant in this case. The simple curtsy of posting an appropriate message to EACH group would be acceptable and then THIS crap would not also be propagated multiple times!
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Lester Caine
On Fri, 5 Sep 2008 14:44:35 -0700, "Roger T." said in :
Never ask a man if he is American. If he is, he will surely tell you soon enough, and if not, why risk offending?
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Just zis Guy, you know?
They were indeed taken in Vancouver by one of my fellow club members. I've also got several Canadian photos taken in Winniandy (Grande Cache, Alberta) on what was a very unusual day for them - they actually had two trains there on one day, one with 6 locos and one with 4.
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Mike Hughes

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