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Does anybody know of a manufacture that makes coffee tables suitable for housing a small model railway.

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John Bridgeman
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you could make your own

Ian Gearing

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Try calling the 'we build your layout' services in RM or other mags, most will be set up to bang out standard boards but one might offer to do the job.

Round these parts (South Manchester) there are a few joiners left who can turn something out - I got one to build the kitchen units for my house, worked out cheaper than the one size fits all type and so far its lasted over twenty years withh all parts still funcioning as designed.

It wont be cheap though - Have you tried Google, there was an American chap who built one and he had a website at the time giving details of the construction. He incorporated a drawer for stock and (IIRC) a drop down control panel in one side. Probably easier to build that yourself than try and explain to someone what you require.

Good luck

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