Comfort breaks at exhibitions

So what does a one man band do when he/she needs to leave the stand for
a "comfort break"? As a potential trader this question is troubling me.
I guess the obvious answer is to get the adjoining stand to cover, does
that happen?
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That depends on if the stand next to you is busy or not ! When i do exhibitions i will ask the trader next to me to keep a eye out, i wouldnt have a problem looking after some one else`s stand for 5 or 10 muinets but it does depend on how busy i am, also i do have my son with me too so he can look after things for a couple of muinets for a visit to the to-lets
kindest regards Simon Judd
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Simon Judd
Simon Judd said the following on 23/01/2006 10:59:
I have been to an exhibition where I wanted to buy something from a particular stand, and no-one seemed to be looking after it at all! I guessed the reason for the lack of staff, and just hung around for a few minutes. The trader reappeared, embarrassed although there was no need to be, and off I went with my bits. Hopefully the fact that I was hovering about deterred anyone from stealing, because it would have been so easy!
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Paul Boyd
Don't do shows on your own. We always have a minimum of two on our stand at any time, more at busy shows.
Yes of course it happens, but don't expect them to be able to keep a proper eye on their own stand and yours. Many clubs will often provide a club member to help out for short periods.
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John Turner
Exactly that happens at the Wimborne exhibition - I know, I have performed the role! :-)
Ian J.
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Ian J.
The best advice is to "go" before the show starts & don't partake in any food or drink during the event. Also wear good runners for when the doors shut.
Kevin Martin
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Kevin Martin

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