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I'm in the process of designing the control panel for my layout. Simple question: I'm drawing out the track schematic in Powerpoint, so that I can print them out and then fix them to the front of the panel and position switches, etc. accordingly. Any opinions as to the best method of fixing the printed paper to the front of the panel - I really want some kind of protective film (a bit like laminating) that will hold the diagram to the panel? Or is it best to laminate it and then glue it to the panel?



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You could just print it on full sheet self-adhesive label stock. (Avery 8165)

Then just cover it any way you wish...

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Joe Ellis

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W H Smith sell rolls of clear sticky backed plastic which would probably suit. A roll is about 3m by 18 inches, from memory, and costs a couple of pounds.

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You could try printing a reversed image onto OHP film, Then turn it over so that the printed side faces down onto a white painted board and your sticky fingers rub on the non-printed shiny side of the OHP film. Metal angle all round the sides could keep the OHP film in place, along with switches let in through holes punched in the film. I have tried it and it works a treat. Mike

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Depends how big the control panel is, OHP film is only A4 paper size so would limit overall size, unless you have unsightly joins....

Also, some / inkjet printable [1] / OHP film is not clear but opaque.

[1] don't try placing it in a laser printer either, it melts ! :~(
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I think the best would be to sandwich the paper under a Perspex layer. You should be able to get the cutting and drilling done in a plastic shop and possibly get the holes polished. WH Smiths et al sell sticky back plastic for book covering - that would do as an alternative but would wear out quite quickly.

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Mark W

B&Q sell Fablon in a clear transparent and also with a semiobscuring pattern.

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Bob Gibson

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