DCC Overseas Systems

The most popular DCC systems here in the UK appear to be Lenz, Digitrax and
ZTC (in that order?) However, purely out of interest, I wonder if anyone
might know what the equivalent- sellers in the US are?
I assume that Lenz and Digitrax have a presence (but probably not ZTC)- any
others? Which is the most widely- used system? Also, if there is a system
out there that I have not mentioned, is it available here in the UK?
Purely out of interest and comparison's sake, that's all.
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Dirk Belcher
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I'm going to guess that Digitrax is the most widely used in N.A. I dont think ZTC is even in the running......NCE is another popular brand over here...and LENZ decoders are widely used.
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In message , Gene writes
You left out EasyDCC.
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John Sullivan
Here in South Afirca it's mainly Digitrax due to the excellent dealer support. I've seen one or two Lenz setups and and one easy DCC I was the only ZTC user until I swopped to Digitrax and I have no regrets.
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