Dear God, the prices!

I am much taken with some of the german HO models now available, and
the quality and variety seems to knock our locl product into several
cocked hats.
But the pricing is a bit high. Paying two or three hundred euros for
a well-detailed and well-researched loco is one thing, but have a look
at this page here:
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for a pair of bolster wagons? Do the brakes work, or
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for three beer vans?
Am I missing something? These aren't boxes of 10 are they?
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"bobharvey" wrote
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EUR520 for three beer vans?
I'm assuming they're HO-scale? Certainly the quality appears outstanding. I'm wondering whether they're hand-made? Certainly as pre-grouping items they'll only be manufactured in very small quantities. Even a standard Trix Bavarian r-t-r 4-wheel wagon is in excess of GBP30.00 on Gaugemaster's price list.
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John Turner
It looks like a small specialist manufacturer. If you think these are expensive check out Micro Metakit for factory painted, German-built brass.
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Christopher A. Lee
On Fri, 19 Mar 2010 03:53:00 +1300, bobharvey = =
Bavaria is a specialist manufacturer (or perhaps an importer these days)=
of very accurate, assembled, etched brass and lost-wax casting model wag= ons of relatively obscure (Bavarian) models. Germans expect to pay for such things.
Greg.P. NZ.
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