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> Anyone who posts multiple rants complaining of insults and then > compounding them is not going to listen to your admonitions. Killfiling > an author you find obnoxious is all well and good, but I've concluded > it's this thread which really needs the death penalty. > > Mark Schynert


Point taken, and as long as any of us continue to reply to the original thread it will validate the "original" poster/ranter's views. . .:-(

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The "point" was a complete fallacy, which you would know if you had read ALL of the posts with any kind of logic and understanding. I never once complained about people insulting me. I only showed that this group contains people who say "insults are bad" AND people who insult me because I insulted someone else. You are contradicting each others' statements and don't seem bright enough to know it.


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Hamilton Davidson

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