Is this a joke? please tell me it is!

The whole world is whacked out now. A heroin addict is more socially acceptable than a cigarette smoker. Jerry 47
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jerry 47
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I was browsing Ebay lately and there it was...
At the end of the sentence it said "....since i bought it and comes from a
smoke free home"
I mean OK, everyday we are being more careful of where (and in what
direction) we blow out our smoke.
And believe you me, we would rather swallow it (the smoke) nowadays than
listen to them anti smokers telling us we are killers.
But selling kits with this text beats it for me. If I was looking for
curtains or maybe some pillows on my couch, maybe a whole couch.
I'd say you are right telling me, but not whith kits.
Am I alone in this or is the world really going slightly mad in a rapid
Dennis Loep
The Glueing Dutchman
"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new
discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny ...'"
Isaac Asimov
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Dennis Loep
Actually, if it was a wooden kit this may make a difference to me...
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"Dennis Loep" wrote in news:cduugv$6lc$
Just to put it in perspective I used to smoke and occasionally still sneak one and the occasional cigar, too.
Even when I smoked I was careful not to smoke near my bedroom as I hated to have the lingering smell in there, living room with the door open or in the winter I'd have lots of fires in the fireplace.
I have purchased models that smelled like an ashtray. I'll bet the guy was a heavy smoker and smoked in his hobby room/area. It was definitely kinda foul even for a smoker.
I wouldn't let it keep me from buying a kit but I can see where it might be to much for with allergies or other (real) sensitivities.
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Gray Ghost
Yes you are right I like my cigars too and no I dont like the smell of them in my bedroom and I can understand that some very heavy smokers can gat a model to stink. I understand a wooden model will take up smoke and scent much easier, but this was a rather modern unbuilt kit. I think the stuff I put on and in it will be MUCH more dangerous to my health than the few smoke molecules that are on it.
-- Dennis Loep The Glueing Dutchman
"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny ...'" Isaac Asimov
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Dennis Loep
I don't think the ebay seller was referring to second-hand health effect, but rather to the smell.
As a former smoker, I remember thinking non-smokers were over-reacting to the whole thing. But then I quit. A few months ago, my father-in-law smoked a cigarette in my car, and I had to drive it with the windows down for a week to help keep from getting naseous. And I don't let *anyone* smoke in my house. I constantly find myself surprised at how completely offensive I find the smell of tobacco smoke, especially since I used to smoke 1-2 packs/day, but its definately made me realize what others had been telling me all along.
I wouldn't be afraid to handle a kit from a smoker's house, but if it stinks, its going in the trash.
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George Kinney
I have despearately little concern what poisons people freely choose to put inside themselves. Heroin, tobacco, methanol, resin dust--whatever is a byproduct of your pleasure, go for it. OTOH, I don't want it posioning me (or even making me mouth-breath until I get out of range due to the stench). Curiously, I find that department store perfume counters are even more irritating than tobacco smoke--and heavily-scented individuals are about as high on my intolerance meter as a reeking smoker. Not sure I've ever encountered a heroin user--do they stink too? Apart from the secondary consequences of being a down-and-out stoner, of course.
The other thing is, I doubt it's the whole world. I think It's mostly the US, and maybe Europe is starting to move that way. Still, I'll bet Paris still has plenty of ambient tobacco smoke for all to enjoy, and I'm sure China does.
Mark Schynert
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Mark Schynert
I bought a kit off E-bay a couple of months ago and it reeked when it arrived. It spent about a month in the garage wrapped with Bounce sheets before it could come into the house. I think the phrase was worth including.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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The world is now full of pantywaisted, "we'll decide what's good for everyone", "ooooo, that's not PC", how did they live through Darwinism, do-gooder it's not just you.
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Then we should outlaw perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, air "fresheners", etc., ad nauseum since they send me into repiratory distress and it's been getting worse over the past few years thanks to all the morons who marinate in the shit before going out in public......excuse me, shit smells better than most "fragrances".
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Now see, I have an actual problem with Bounce, it's perfumed.
Mad-Modeller wrote:
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heroin adicts run the range of society. street junkies to high society "sniffers". lots of stories about jerry harcia and "snob" brands of heroin with exotic names. study music and learn drug use.
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A couple of years ago a large collection of kits was donated to the USS Jeremiah O'Brian for fund raising.
It took me the better part of a full day to check each kit, determine the price and prepare the for sale.
Two things lowered the price: Every kit reeked of smoke as if they had been cured in an old fashioned smoke house. Many had the box art crudely varnished.
Most of the people who didn't buy complaned about the stink. Some of the kits were rare $100+ items if they had been in better shape. As it was they went to grateful builders. :-)
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Just another description enhancement IMO. Like Rare, OOP, etc. I have seen this before and it does make me chuckle. On the other hand I can appreciate what everyone has said about the topic. My uncle was a cigar smoker and has been dead at least twenty years. My Aunts house still reeks of DutchMatsers stench so bad I cannot stand to go there and visit.
I have bought kits that reek very badly of musty basement and possibly cat piss as well!
Cheers, Max Bryant
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Max Bryant
Mark Schynert wrote in news:
Ever smell a serious boozer? As thier tolerance goes up and they drink more and more you get some kind of a chemical breakdown where a breakdown product of the alcohol actually comes out of thier pores in thier perspiration. It's a horrible smell, especially when it's on a loved one one. I've smelled it on a relative, friends and acquaintances all associated with recent heavy drinking.
As to smoking, I always tried to be considerate around nonsmokers. When I was a kid EVERYONE smoked. And I mean serious stuff, Pall Mall, Camels, Tareyton. I think it made me aware of the effect on others. Of course I learned to smoke on my Dad's day old Pall Malls, if the pack was open more than a day he thought they were stale and my mom's and grandmom's Tareytons until they quit.
It amazes me how integrated into the culture and society in general tobacco was. I can't imagine working in an office with multiple smokers. Ah the good old days.
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Gray Ghost
The plastic probably wouldn't absorb too much of the smell, and could be cleaned easily enough, but the cardboard box definitely will hold the smell.
A couple of years ago, I had to make room to store a bunch of books that had been kept in a home with heavy smokers. And to me, a non-smoker, those books REEKED. I could hardly bear to walk past the bookcase, much less read the books. It took several months for the smell to fade away.
It's not so much a concern about health hazards as it is about the unpleasant smell and allergies.
The paints, thinners, and glues I use stink too, but only for short periods when I'm actually using them, and I have a spray booth to control the smell. A tobacco-scented box stinks 24/7.
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Wayne C. Morris
I have sometimes seen a similar statement in the description of items related to my other two hobbies, collecting militaria and combat art and here's my take on it.
I don't think the statement is in any way, sinister or a conspiracy against smokers. I do not smoke and never have but both of my parents were heavy smokers and I have friends who do. My comment has nothing to do with the issue of smoker's rights and should, in no way, be construed as a condemnation of those who smoke. It's just a perspective of why someone might put such line in their auction description.
My other hobbies are collecting combat / aviation art and militaria: Art prints are usually done on heavy paper. When stored or displayed in a smoking environment, they absorbs the smoke odor. The elements in tobacco smoke, after time, also affect the colors of the print. Likewise, cloth items of militaria, such as uniforms, also absorb smoke odors when stored/displayed in such environment.
I am mildly alergic to tobacco smoke and when I get an item that has come from a smoking environment, I can tell very quickly, often before even fully opening the package. While there is not much I can do about artwork, I have to hand the uniform item out in the back yard for several hours to allow the breeze to take most of the smoke odor out of them.
Like the cloth of these military uniforms and artwork, the cardboard boxes that models come in, as well as the paper instruction sheets, also absorb tobacco odors (the plastic itself is unaffected, of course). When the seller posts the "....from a smoke-free environment" comment, he's just letting you know the box has not been exposed to the odor of tobacco in his home, that's all.
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Bill Woodier
Maybe that's because a heroin addict isn't risking someone else's health when he's shooting up, and a cigarette smoker is. Heck - research has proven that the carcinogenic compunds from cigarettes linger in a smoker's salliva too. Watch out when kissing a smoker :)
FYI: I'm not anti-smoking or so. I don't mind people smoking close to me as long as I'm not eating (can't stand the smell of cigarettes ruining the smell of the food), but what I stated above is true....
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i remember smoking on buses, trains, planes, subways.... you are right, the world reeked.
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