Re: My husbands going to kill me, please advise me

Someone help me please!! I have given my personal information in a

> newsgroup using his business phone number of 15 years that only rings > here. I am starting to get 2 phones calls a day (usually at night when > he works) and I can't tell him I was that stupid.

Don't be so hard on yourself! Explain it in a way that he will understand. If he thinks you are stupid, then there are some greater issues to work on, eh?

Can I erase the post and who would I call If I could? > This is not a joke, please help. > > please post but if you email remove the Idiot e

Everyone makes mistakes. Only the truly stupid don't learn and make the same ones over and over and over and over...

Kirk S.

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Kirk S
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Well, what you can do is pretty much limited by the jurisdiction you're in. Now, on earth, for example, you would be able go to a women's shelter, call the police and explain your problem.

Local law enforcement and infrastructure dealing with problems like these, on the planet you're on, are unknown to me.

Bill Smith

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Bill Smith

rgmw wrote in news:

Get a restraining order to make it legal. Get a gun to make it real. When you bang the bastard out just wave the restraining order in the cops face and ask him where he was.

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Gray Ghost

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Bill in Co.

Well, if you're as stupid as this. Maybe you deserve a decent whipping. And, if you're that affraid for your husband, maybe he whipped you before.

good luck

-- Dennis Loep The Glueing Dutchman

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny ...'" Isaac Asimov

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Dennis Loep

and maybe someone is laughing at how many of us believed this?

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Change your phone number and/or move. Notify local law enforcement. Get a restraining order. Ask for help from family and/or friends.

If all else fails, get a weapon and a permit to carry it. Go practice at an indoor shooting range.

Good luck.


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post a new message saying not tocontact you at the number you it was the wrong one. It will stop a person from calling you at that number if you give them a different one or tell them to contact you by e-mail.

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Karen Ray-Stewart

Contact the support group for your ISP. They may be able to help.


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Patrick Keenan

Sorry, but once you've written something on usenet it's there for good, at you can search for anything anyone has ever written, even when it's been erased from your newsserver. Guess you'll just have to ride the storm out, so to speak. I'm sorry for you.


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you're screwed like a tied up goat!!!!

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Information that is harvested is already in the great telemarketing/Spam works and cannot be taken back.

Good luck.

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if you go on the internet to this page

formatting link
will find info about how to remove your posts from the archives. If your posts are not in archive, eventually the calls shouldd dwindle away. I'd keep quiet and be more careful next time. What he doesn't know won't hurt him - ?×

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if you are using outlook express as your mail client you can try the following: highlight the message concerned and from the 'message' menu select 'cancel message' be aware that if you do this the message may not dissappear immediately and may take a few hours .... probably to do do with caching of the mail server.

good luck! :-)

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Anyone who already has the number and information will still have it. And, if the number has made it to a list, then it will propogate.

Likely Google will still have the info for searching in it's archives forever.

"Dave" wrote in news:bvcv1f$4tl$

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I know of no way to remove a post from an unmoderated group

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Only if he gets to you before we do. Hmm like are we really tired of this post or what?.

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