Eurofighter weaponry

Having now seen the large array of things under wings on display in the Eurofighter supplement that cam with several mags last month, my question is, can you get any of them? Anybody do a Storm Shadow in 1/48th, for example?

Bestest, M.

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Matt Bacon
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There are two 1:48 Storm Shadows (Well, technically Apaches, but they're externally identical) in the Revel Dassault Rafale-B kit.

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i'm not sure matt. at the IPMS bolton show a couple of weeks back there was one tiny stall selling various resin bits principally in 1/48. there weren't any flyers available but i do recall a 1/48 scale rear fuselage for a BAe Hawk as used by the RAAF and Canada. they may _may_ have had a storm shadow in their range as i am sure that they did not have a raptor recon pod.


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