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I have the new revell bae typhoon,could someone work out the paints i need as revell have done their usual, i.e.67% +33% mixes of revell paints and the reviews don't help.

thanks Ian.C

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On 7/1/05 9:16 pm, in article __CDd.1110$, "ian collins" help.

RAF Barley Grey, aka Camouflage Grey, all over...

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On Fri, 07 Jan 2005 21:16:42 GMT, "ian collins" help.

From Rob Monfea on the IPMS UK Board:

"Right, I've spoken to my sources next door in Eurofighter Flight Test and have gleaned the following information from a painting chart for the IPA (Instrumented Production Aircraft), which should also hold true for the Squadron jets:

The official colours are as follows:

Overall: BS381C no. 626 Camouflage (Barley) Grey.

Cockpit is BS381C no. 632 Dark Admiralty Grey.

Leading and trailing edge flap interiors: FS595B 36280 (Slightly lighter than RAF Ocean Grey).

Intake Flap interior: BS381C no. 626 Camouflage (Barley) Grey.

Intakes (Aft of intake flap - Inside intake ducting): FS595B 26492.

Radome: FS595B 36314 Flint Grey (This is supposedly an FS equivalent to Barley Grey, however looking at the real aircraft it appears to have a slight brownish tint).

Also of note is the canopy tint, Johnsons Clear with a dash of Tamiya Smoke should sort this!

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