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I have the Revell kit and as usual Revell painting instructions give mixes of their paints and leave us in the dark as to the real colours, does anyone have the real RAL No for the top side grey and aren't the undersides grey now instead of white The kit is quite good with many detailed parts and I'd like to finish it for the UK nats thanks in advance Ted

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Ted Taylor
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I can't help you with a RAL number unfortunately but my reference states FS

36270 fot the grey of the kit aircraft. From another thread about this subject I also learned about FS 36400 and FS 16440 and FS 25189 and FS 15237 and FS 35237 and FS 16270. So take your pick.. I'm not aware of Atlantics with grey undersides other than the current French Atlantic 2 'nouvelle génération'. These are other aircraft than the type of the kit, but I'm sure a contestant like you can with some creative scratchbuilding turn the kit into a model of one of those as well. Good luck with the contest.

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Bassie Adriaensen

IIRC, there was a long thread about this here a couple of months ago. Maybe you can find them on Google.

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I had the same problem, and posted to this group a month ago with the same question. Use Google Groups and search rec.models.scale for "Breguet Atlantic colours"!

To summarise: A good reference is Scale Aircraft Modelling Vol 24 No

12, February 2003 (still available as a back issue). The Atlantic is the subject of the 13-page "Aircraft in Detail" by Glenn Sands and Tony 0'Toole has a two-page article describing how he built up one of the test shots.

The Atlantics were all produced at the Breguet factory in Toulouse, and I think it likely they were all painted in the same colours on delivery. The artist for the colour views, David Howley, gives the description "Gris Bleu Clair" for the grey.

Tony O'Toole used a Model Art decal sheet MA 72-011, which gave FS13237 (a yellow!) as the shade of gray: I think this is a typo for FS15237 (US Dark Blue/Grey, X126, H145). Other useful details are that the undercarriage is metallic silver and the bomb bay and wheel well interiors are Chamois, which he approximated with RAF Light Stone, Xtracolor X029.

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