Frog polarity switching

I'm using Peco live frog points with motors attached.
I then mount PL-13 accessory switches on the motors to switch the frogs.
My problem is that the switch mechanism does'nt seem to travel far enough
from one state to another, being limited to the distance the tie-bar can
move. If I give the tie-bar a good poke with a screw-driver the switch will
work. Anyone here have similar problems?
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Have you already bought all your motors and switches. If not look at getting the seep motor with the bult in switch.
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Mine work fine and not directly attached to the points. They are the extended pin type and pass through a hole in the baseboard. I did find it is important to get the PL-13 mounted in exactly the right position on the motor, not too far back/forward of the pin, otherwise it puts enough force on the motor pin for it not to throw properly. If doing it again I would use tortoise motors as per our club layout. No more expensive than Peco once you have added the switch and mounting plate to the cost of the Peco motor. Why didn't I figure this out before I initially bought the motors?!!!
Hope this helps
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Martin Coombs

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