Gluing smoke units

Hi all
Anyone know what is the best adhesive to use when gluing a smoke unit into a
locos chimney?
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Rob K
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But that is true of every aspect of all the toy scales and gauges (anything smaller than 0, and even a lot of that is toy-like).
For realistic working models, you need 3 1/2" or larger.
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Airy R Bean
I normally make the chimney a tight fit for the smoke unit using a taper reamer. I then use a two part expoy to ensure the smoke unit dosn't come loose.
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i have a question on smoke units, some time ago i saw a picture of an '0' gauge diesel with a fan assisted smoke unit who produces these.
Ian Gearing
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Roger Murray kits I believe...
I think the popular one was the HST power car unit...
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John Rathbone
Convict colony - must have been a forger in a past life
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Chris Wilson
Not at 500 quid each.
-- Cheers Roger T.
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of the Great Eastern Railway
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Roger T.
Roger T
I would seriously consider it - but then I'm a sucker for gadgets!
-- Enzo
I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.
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Enzo Matrix

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