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> > > > > >>very very rare my arse! £45 quid! > >> > >>
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> > > > > Looks good hidden away in that Farish box though! > > > > John. > > > > Not to mention the bonus out of focus look :-) > > > Kevin Martin

Having established myself as a visionary in correctly predicting the future, sammy has put his V V Rare minitrix 060 back up for £30 this time, but why oh why didn't he change the description - even acknowledging in a bidders question that it is not rare after all :o/

(in case *ANYONE* is interested at £30 buy it now...

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So, would he have had to pay eBay anything after it failed to sell the first time ?

Cheers, Martyn

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M Roberts

"Feebo" wrote

Still over priced at £30 in my opinion - I'd be embarassed to ask that for one that wasn't in in unused/boxed condition. These Minitrix 'Dock Tanks' wear out fairly quickly, and once the wear sets in they will only operate satisfactorily in one direction.

Something to avoid!


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John Turner

"M Roberts" wrote

Yes he paid a listing fee, but If he used the "relist" feature (description/price etc. can be edited/changed) he would get the 1st listing fee refunded if it sold the second time round.


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