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I have baught two R6216 / R6216A "Coalfish" wagons. Now, for some daft reason I thaught they would be the same wagon apart from running numbers. However, the earlier one looks quite chunky in comparison especially in the body, the sides are much thicker. Do I take it the earlier was is incorrect and Hornby updated it?

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"Piemanlager" wrote

R6216 received some pretty horrendous reviews due to its gross inaccuracy. Hornby subsequently retooled the model and released the much improved new version as R6216A.


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John Turner

Earlier in the same thread from John Turner

Some of you will remember the flurry of excitement a few months back when Hornby announced the release of some new *modern era* wagons including the MHA Coalfish open and some Merry-go-round hoppers. Well Hornby made such a total hash of the Coalfish that its body has already (and very quietly) been totally re-tooled.

Look out for the new R6216A on the shelves of your local retailer, and avoid the original R6216 (unless you are a collector rather than a modeller) like the plague.

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Mike Parkes

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