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Hi all
I'm trying to find the dimensions of a UK rail tanker which was probably used
for transporting fuel.
The overall length of the tank is very approx 8 metres long and 2.5 metres
Were these things manufactured to a 'standard' design?
If so where can I get dimensional details, it's the tank itself that I'm
interested in.
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How about providing us with some starting info, from what you have told us, its like saying a car with 4 wheels.
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Kevin Martin
Hmm it's actually a tank with no chassis, sorry to be so vague but I have little information to give. The tanks are ex-railway and have been up-ended and had four support legs welded on one end and are being used as vertical storage tanks. They are of a heavy construction with a wall thickness which may be around 10-12mm thick.
Having seen the photos of the oher poster I now see that there is a miriad of designs so I'll have to go and have a measure, but it would have been nice to have a detail of the end of the tank. (which is now the top and bottom!)
Thanks for your interest.
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