Free parts

Hi all,

I'm having a clear-out and have some free stuff available:

Petter A fuel tank bracket (the kind where the tank is mounted quite high up with the outlet on the underside). Needs new bolts and a repaint, but quite usable.

CAV cast zinc fuel filter. Probably from a 1930s truck. Most of the steel parts are badly corroded and need replacing, but the zinc castings and felt squares which form the filter are fine. Treat as a source of parts; not immediately usable.

Radiator cap. Probably from a 1970s or '80s Leyland bus. 2 inch diameter rubber sealing washer, 50 kPa rating, 2.8 inch overall diameter, two lug fitting. Good, clean condition.

The first two items are yours if you pick them up from Edgmond, Shropshire, or pay me the cost of postage and packaging (would estimate £5 to £7). The radiator cap is free to anyone who gives me their address.

Let me know if you're interested.

Best wishes,


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