Happy New Year to anyone who's daft enough to be at their computer right
now, or at anytime in the next 5½ hours - or even after that!
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John Turner
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You can put me on the daft list :( Still, I've got a bottle of Archers to keep me company!
Happy New Year to all on UMRM :)
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Rich Mackin
And happy new year to you and all the other posters on this news group. Just going to get some drinks now :) .
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HNY to all. No time to read ng. Off to workshop to do some 142 fettling until wife comes home from work about 10...... Accompanied to the workshop with "seasonal" beverage :-) HIC!
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Mick Bryan
And a Happy & Prosperous New Year from me to everyone in this fine newsgroup.
I'm laid low with a disgusting cold and cough at the moment, undoubtedly caught while commuting with the plebs on the London Underground, so it will be a quiet night in with a bottle of whisky.
See you in 2006.
Cheers, Steve
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Steve W
"Steve W" wrote in news:43b712ed$1$63056$
Ditton to one and all
Now off to see the New Year in with a bang. Wink wink. 8-)
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Chris Wilson
Well, I 'm 'daft' enough to be working a 12 hour night shift, so I am sitting in front of a computer all night.
Still, at least I get the midnight firework display over Cardiff for free, plus double time and a day off in lieu, so perhaps it is not so daft after all.
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And Happy new year to you all. Its 1am and I just got back from work, on the second beer, life is good. Rob
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Rob Kemp

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