Hornby Dublo Mail Coach TPO

hi all

wondering if someone might be able to shed some light on this for me:

I have just received a Hornby Dublo TPO and it has electrical connection on the wheels and some kind of electrified mechanism inside the coach. Is this "factory" and if so is it a solenoid of some sort to power the mail pickup etc?



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This is 'factory'. IIRC there is a sprung 'spade' collector on the 'mailbag net' side of the coach which is meant to operate from a separate raised rail which forms part of the railside collecting apparatus, so ensuring that the solenoid inside the coach operates the collecting net/delivery shute as the coach passes. There should be a push button in the circuit to the railside ramp so that it doesn't operate every time a train passes [as the mechanical ramp operated Triang version did]. The return circuit is through the track. The coach will have metal wheels both sides, if the early 3 rail version ,or insulated one side, live the other for the 2 rail version, providing the return for the operating circuit. Richard

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Richard Mills

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