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I've just picked some Hornby junction signals and they seem incredibly tall. Were real signals that usually that tall, or are the Hornby ones out of scale?

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Gerald H
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Some signals could be very tall, look at the following URL, and whilst these signals are tall they are by no means the tallest that could be found, what you have to remember about signals is that they need to be seen from about platform level, be unmasked by buildings and bridges etc. and be clearly seen whilst travelling at speed...

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Or if access to that URL get a "Access Forbidden" error, try

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Assuming that you are referring to the present day Hornby the junction signal scales out at 43 feet in height. Taller than most signals but not unheard of where visibility required it.


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"Gerald H" wrote

They are an abortion, nothing like scale in any respect. In terms of height they are probably too small.


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John Turner

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