Does anyone make an RTR Hymek in N scale please? Shane

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"scoot" wrote

No, but Peco used to make a kit, but that's long discontinued if I recall correctly.


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John Turner

Heritage-N do a built up version of their kit.

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I have one and I am well pleased with it. They also do several other items from my personal 'want one' list. A little expensive .... but I think worth it.

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No but worsley works do a nickel silver kit - I have a couple of their things and the production is very good indeed - not a beginners thing though - it's not a "glue the bits together and fit on chassis of your choice" - airfix stylee.

with time and patience you end up with a second-to none hymek.

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Not yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if Dapol made one in the not too distant future.

Fred X

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Fred X

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