Is this really a modelling group????????????????????

Not bothered about an answer
Goodbye and thanks for all the fish
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Graham A Wilson
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Odd. There is less off-topic here than in any other ng I subscribe to, with the possible exception of uk.rec.sheds, and that solely because it is close to impossible actually to be off-topic in Ye Shedde.
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Just zis Guy, you know?
Graham A.
Apart from all the spam which is hitting every group at the moment, there seems to be very little off-topic here. Admittedly, it is a little quiet at the moment.
Oh, and it's "SO LONG and Thanks for All the Fish".
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Well you're going to get one!
My understanding is that this is a group for modellers, and like many other people in society, modellers have likes, dislikes and opinions. Sad that you don't like to share them with us! :-(
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John Turner
Probably not. He never hid his affiliations or identity as most trollers would. I suspect too much beer and \ or a reactive temperament.
Sadly we shall never know...
Pete spamblocking
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