NEWS - Three-year-old girl banned from mini-model railway attraction

South Wales Evening Post

Thursday 3rd September 2009

" A baffled dad has labelled train enthusiasts "heavy handed" after banning his three-year- old daughter from a tourist attraction "

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In my honest opinion I feel both parties were at fault. The Dad for not looking after his child and the railway operator.

I know this sort of thing occurs at most model railway exhibitions each year. I can fully appreciate layout owners getting very upset at the possibility of many hours of work getting broken but if the attitude, language and approach used was wholly disproportionate then Kevin Plunkett & his daughter deserve an apology. Kevin Plunkett should equally apologise for allowing his daughter to wander near the track. If she had of been hit then it would not only have effected the Plunkett family !


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Dragon Heart
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That sounds like Darwin's Law doing it's best to assert itself.

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Brian Watson

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