Peco 00 turntable

Hi folks,
As you probably know the Peco turntable has a couple of dead-spots on it
and when you open the box there's a nice little template that shows you
where they are.
Well I'm using a salvaged turntable from my old layout and of course the
template has long since gone.
I don't expect anyone to upload a pic but I wonder if anyone does have a
template handy and can tell me how big an arc the dead-spot covers and
confirms that the dead spot is symmetrical, that is, if the dead spot
describes a 30 degree arc on one side then the dead spot on the other side
of the centre is also 30 degrees IOW if you drew two diameters the space
enclosed by them would be "dead" whilst outside of those areas would be
live ... make sense?
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Chris Wilson
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hi chris
with the gaps in the contacts vertical the centre of each dead zone is at approx 35 deg from the horizontal and they are symetrically opposite. I don't have a protractor but the length along the circumference of each gap is about 60mm hope this helps regards bob
Chris Wils> Hi folks,
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"loftrail" wrote in news:
It does indeed, as mine is complete I really didn't want to take it apart to check the contacts, you've really helped out.
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Chris Wilson

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