Peco Point Problems.

My more modern Points which have no support under the operating tie
bar at the outer sections have been giving problems with poor contact
electrically and more recently dropping the blade sufficiently to
allow wheel sets to drop off the outer rail (this is always manifested
on the curved blade rail.
The blade is set some 40 thou above the sleeper surface so I have been
experimenting with various arrangements and materials to overcome the
The result was 40 thou PVC strip, cut to the width of a sleeper and
18mm long ( just sufficient to sit under both blades when aligned with
the nearest sleeper to the under side contacts and held in position
with a spot of super glue). Silicon oil applied between the sleeper
and the new tie bar ensures freedom of movement coupled with
sufficient strength to support the blades under load.
I have discovered the ultimate test vehicle -- it will object to the
slightest imperfection or sample of shoddy work or poor design -- the
Mainline Class 45 peak!
Has anyone else had this experience with their points ? My older peco
units which have a built in longitudinal tie under the extremes of the
operating tie bar do not suffer like this.
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Peter Abraham
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Yes I have just discovered the same thing when I was laying my layout and testing each section in turn. There was an electrical gap on the movable rail . Unfortunately I was testing using a 4 coupled steam loco so both wheels were in the gap. Tried rigging up temporary power to this section but still no good. Never thought the rail may have dropped as well thereby no contact possibly being made. I just replaced the point. I did think the throw of the underboard motor was insufficient but that was not the case.
Have decided to put tender pick ups on any 4 coupled locos I might have.
Will test out your suggestion and see if it works
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John Firth
"Peter Abraham" wrote
Hi Peter,
I've passed your comments on to Peco; it will be interesting to see what response is received.
Best wishes, John, 53A Models, Hull.
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John Turner
Not necessarily, it could mean that nobody is reading the thread (unfortunate, but it happens), or that those who are reading don't use Peco points (eg. me).
- Nigel
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Nigel Cliffe

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