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Hi I am having problems with rolling stock & pony truck wheels coming off on turn outs. The frog points are wearing & allowing wheels to take the wrong track when they drop on to the worn point. Can I rebuild the worn point back up again with anything, & save having to take out & replace? Roger.

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Roger have you checked the back-to-back measurement on the wheelsets that are derailing? They should be 14.5mm - any less and derailments are more likely.


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John Turner

Hi John. Thanks for your prompt reply. I have ajusted the wheel gauge slightly wider to accommodate variances in my track. The wheels only come off at about 2 turn outs out of a total of 66, & I can see the wear even with my eye sight, & I am registered partially sighted.Will the pionts rebuild with an adhesive of any kind? Roger

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Barbara Mitchell

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A while ago I had a dodgy set of points, I couldn't replace it because of the position (besides the layout was due to be scrapped) so I 'built up' the poor area with solder then filed back. It was only a stop-gap but it worked.

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Chris Wilson


It might be better sticking some thin strip on the inside of the check rail opposite the crossing (frog). This will have the effect of bearing on the back of the wheel(s) opposite the crossing and preventing the wheel(s) in the crossing hitting the nose. This will need some experimentation on your part to find out the correct thickness which will solve your problem and will not affect the running of any other stock on your layout.

On the other hand, it might be better to set your wheels back in to their proper gauge and sort out the other variances in your track :-)


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Jim Guthrie

Fill the frogs with two-part epoxy, let set for 24 hours, then use a thin hacksaw blade to cut new flange ways. I broke a piece off a fine-tooth hack saw blade years ago (use eye-protection!) , still use it occasionally. The fine blade happens to be give the right flangeway width. I use a NMRA gauge to check dimensions.


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