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Does anyone know what radius the largest peco point is?
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Zipadee Doodar
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I assume you are referring to OO or HO points.
Large radius Y point: 6 feet, 1829 mm. Large radius left or right-hand point: 5 feet, 1524 mm.
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Jane Sullivan
wow, very quick reply! Yes, oo thanks.
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Zipadee Doodar
Measurement gives:
turnout radius = 1138 mm (45")
external substitution radius = 1162 mm (46")
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Martin Wynne
In message , Jane Sullivan writes
It is important to bear in mind that the radii quoted by Peco are (very!) nominal (the curved turnout track is not an arc of a circle) and so the true curve equivalents are somewhat smaller.
The large radius plain turnouts are very close to 4 feet radius and the newer production actually has a curved exit rather than the straight exit formerly produced to suit the standard V angle of 12 degrees.
The large radius Y is very close to 6 feet radius on each road.
The curved turnouts are very close to their nominal radii of 2.5 and 5 feet.
If the dimensions are critical is it probably best to get a copy of the plan sheet that Peco produce and use photocopies of the drawings to fit the alignments on the baseboard.
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Bill Campbell

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