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Hi all,
I have been given a Hornby GWR 0-4-0 loco, almost new. It is extremely
light, plastic body, made in China on the under frame. Its a lovely little
engine, and suits my purpose admirably, but it runs horribly, and battles to
pull more than a brake van. Can I add some weight to it, would that help?
Its not dirt, its hardly been run, and my track is clean. Any suggestions?
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- Weight weight weight! - Then regear, - New valve gear ... - Two axle locos without a compensated axle never run well. - New metal chassis. - Replacement scale body. - Better scale wheels.
Stop anywhere when you're happy. See, it's easy. :-)
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Greg Procter
"scoot" wrote
Cheap and nasty design produces cheap & nasty performance. You could certainly add weight, but that may possibly result in premature expiry of the cheap & nasty gears.
Ensure that the loco wheels are spotlessly clean, and the same for your track - you then may find performance improves a little.
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John Turner
Add weight, some lubrication and a good couple of hours of running in, you will be surprised what a difference it can make. These little engines do run very well with the above, we use them a lot in narrow gauge.
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