Private Company Locomotives ?

With the break up of BR we are now used to seeing private liveried
loco's and rolling stock on our railways. Not so many years ago a
number of companies had their own locomotives used mostly in private
shunting yards or factories. These were of various designs and
locomotive power, the National Coal Board not surprisingly used coal
but others like steel works used battery-electric some had petrol or
diesel engines but one that was of interest to me was one I saw
standing in the sheds @ Ruddington.
It was in the blue of 'Boots the chemists' and basically had a
reservoir of steam in the place of the boiler which had to be
'recharged' each morning prior to work.
I know Hornby and other manufacturers produce rolling stock associated
with various companies / products like Polo mints ( there's one on
Ebay with a bid of over =A315 ?), BP Oil, Texaco, Bestwood iron
works, Norstand Limited Fish Docks ( one of my son's favourites )
or Coca Cola ..... but what about loco's ?
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"Dragon Heart" wrote
Some also had limited running rights on limited parts of the British Railways network - most notably NCB locos in parts of the North East of England.
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Well Hornby have produced a number of their 0-4-0 locos in a variety of fictitious and real private owner liveries over the years such as Colman's, Huntley & Palmers and Ford. I don't think any British RTR 'fireless' locos have been produced, but Hattons sell a model of a continental one on their website.
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Oh and I presume this is what you saw at Ruddington.
Bagnall Fireless 0-4-0F, 2473 "Huntley & Palmers no 1
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Fred X
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