Prototype sector plates?

Hi all,
I know of a prototype engine release using a turntable (Bembridge IoW)
and also using a traverser (Birmingham Moor St) but what about a
sector plate? For that matter, what about in an industrial location?
Are sector plates ever used on the prototype or are they just a
convenient device for modellers?
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Del The Obscure
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My guess is that it would be considered unsound engineering; no possibility of balancing the weight, and lacking the safety of buffer stops offered by the traverser. It would only save two sets of rails and base support, but require a sustantial pivot. They were used for light wagon situations in slate quarries as "points" of course.
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Ken Parkes
Err, what buffer stops on traversers ? They are / were as dangerous as open turntables, if you haven't got the 'table' and you don't stop in time you're down the pit and everyone else is down the pub waiting for the mess to be cleared up !...
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That's true for the traversors usually seen in workshops etc. But my recollection of Birmingham Moor St., a bit hazy after 40 yrs I admit, is that the traversor extended under the platforms on either side and actualkly had 3 tracks on it so that both tracks were continuous whichever position it was in.
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Keith Norgrove
I seem to recall seeing evidence of a sector plate at a London Underground station. I think that it was the terminal platforms at High Street Kensington.
Dave Wilcox.
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David Wilcox
Correct, I was brought up in Brum. and that was the first one I saw. I believe there was also one at Paddington in the early days. Swindon had many traversers in the shops, some "compound" and some simple like the ones Jerry refers to, except there weren't any pubs handy as I remember.:(
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Ken Parkes
Folks, Inside the workshops of the Hong Kong MTA there is a traverser which is also a turntable. Used for turning EMUs, probably to even out weathering or perhaps tyre wear. I can remember seeing in a German model railway mag. an illustration of a small sector plate arrangement at a branch line terminus. Regards. Bill.
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William Pearce
On Sunday, in article "Del The Obscure" wrote:
Was Ventnor IoW a sector plate or another turntable?
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Tim Illingworth
In message , Tim Illingworth writes
Twas a turntable. With a fully enclose wooden deck.
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James Christie

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